Narvik HN3300 Replacement

  • The Narvik HN3300 is a high pressure probe
  • The DLHN3300 is an upgrade for all this

  • Maximum rating of 207 bar and 370 degrees Celcuis.
    Zirconia insulator
    Stainless steel components
    Helium leak tested

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Part Number: DLHN3300

REPLACES:: Narvik HN3300


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Drumline Ltd is a UK manufacturer of a comprehensive range of highly competitive water column conductivity probes / electrodes. All our probes are manufactured 100% in UK and supplied with a certificate of origin. Our range includes guaranteed direct replacement probes for companies such as Clark Reliance, Solartron, Levelstate Systems, Emerson, Mobrey, Hydrastep, Cesare Bonetti, Narvik Yarway, Yarway, Fossil, Quest-Tec, Penberthy & Tyco.

Our specialist techniques and high quality materials mean that all our conductivity probes are probably the best on the market. Not only that, they are very competitively priced.

All probes are vacuum brazed, Helium leak tested and Hydo tested to ensure that they meet our exacting standards. We use a high tolerance Zirconium insulating ceramic to ensure extra long life. The brazed metal to ceramic joint is further protected by an ultra tough gilding process. We use high quality stainless steel for all the metal parts of the probes, this gives the best combination of thermal expansion properties, brazing properties, toughness and finish.

Drumline has used decades of experience in the conductivity probe industry to further refine the designs of its direct replacement conductivity probes.


The DLHN3300 is a direct replacement for the Narvik HN3300.


Part Number DLHN3300
Replaces Narvik HN3300
Body Material 304 stainless steel
Insulator Material Typically less than 8VA
Temperature Rating 370 deg Celcius
Pressure Rating 207 bar
Connection Type Compression nut
Seal Compression nut
Warranty 2 years
Weight Approx 0.15kg