Levelmaster 4 channel TWIP

  • Solid state TWIP electronic water level switch. CE

  • 1 to 4 channels
    Remote Display Option
    DPDT relay with delay function
    Variable sensitivity settings
    EMC tested to EN 61000 CE Marked


Part Number: DLWLS-4


Tags: TWIP, Level switch, water level




The Drumline WLS (Water Level Switch) is a fully EMC tested to EN 61000 standards and CE marked solid state electronic unit that is designed to sense the presence or absence of water in a variety of pressure and temperature applications. The unit is predominately aimed at the power generation, petrochemical, refinery and manufacturing industries. Please be aware that many manufacturers supply Electronic Level Switches that are not compliant with EU law and are NOT EMC tested.

The Drumline WLS is based on the principles of conductivity and utilises conductivity probes as the sensing element. The design is modular; therefore, you only purchase the number of channels you require. Each channel is independent and can be set up according to requirements.

The DLWLS consists of a motherboard that can take 1 to 4 daughter boards. Each daughter board is one independent channel, 2 built in SMPS power supplies power the complete unit. LED displays are provided for a visual indication for steam, water and alarm. Each daughter board features, adjustable relay delay settings, selectable sensitivity, relay normally energised in steam or water, 2 amp rated DPDT relay.

The motherboard supports a remote display through the peripheral connection and a 16 core cable. The peripheral connection allows for the development of custom addons such as remote relay boards.

Each channel is set via a jumper to a normal operating state, either steam or water. When the unit senses that the probe is not in its normal state, the Alarm LED is illuminated.

Each daughterboard holds Green, Red and amber flashing LEDs. The display provides a green LED to indicate water, a red LED to indicate steam and a flashing amber LED to indicate that the probe is sensing a state different from the set default mode.

Each relay has an adjustable time delay of 0-10 seconds. The delay occurs when a channel switches from normal operating state to alarm state, this helps combat spurious alarms due to water splatter etc. The delay time continually resets until the full time elapses without a change in state.

Each relay is rated to 2 amps and are Double Pole Double Throw.

Each channel can have the sensitivity set via DIP switches. Settings are available for 2 micro siemens and above, 1 micro siemens, 0.5 micro siemens, 0.3 micro siemens. There is also the ability for custom factory settings.

Each channel can use 2 or 4 wire connections, only 2 are required. 4 wires are used for extra redundancy.



Part Number DLWLS-4
Mains Input 90VAC to 250VAC
Enclosure Material Polycarbonate - 70 Deg C max operation
Number of channels 1 to 4
Dimensions 280mm x 190mm x 140mm